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I'm translating e107 to swedish and it works well but the calendar has a different coding i e not UTF-8. So the å,ä ö looks like this. �
Is there a quick fix for this?
e107 version 2.1.5
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This is a tricky one..calendar ? is it the one from v0.7/1 ? or the actual one from v2 (blogcal...). The tricky part can also be a pc issue.. Using en-US keyboard or Swedish.. ? that can interact too.. As for the translation mind reading here ? https://plus.google.com/communities/105411900721345618805 posts by Stefan Pedersen... maybe collaboration possible ?

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Last time I ran into this when translating into Swedish I had to check the .js files in the calendar because they didn't use utf-8 but iso-something. But that was a long time ago so I can't really remember where exactly.
Is there another way of contacting Stefan Pedersen. I'm not a fan of google+...
I can send him the language pack I've created.
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Aaah Sorry.... mde a mistake there..Stefan is busy with Danish... The only translator for SE (by lang pack) i could find is hanssons  .. he still runs a site at hanssons.de. Not even sure if he/she still does translator work..

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Swedish, Danish ... It's just a hot potatoe in the mouth that separates the languages. ;-)
I had a little bit of contact with Hanssons but he didn't have the time to update the language files.
Neither had I at the time.
I've based my translation on his work. Everything is working fine at the moment except for this problem.
I've discovered that there are some tags that are'n't even present in the english files.
LAN_REMOVE in media manager for instance. Maybe that is solved now?
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Yes you can find it in English/admin/lan_admin.php  line 247
define("LAN_REMOVE", "Remove");

That LAN is used 2 times in admin_ui.php (info).

The great difference between old and new is that although many old defines are still in place and are used, a lot have been rearranged and/or commented (disabled). There is also an amount of new ones.. 

In v1 this LAN did not exist..

Well anyway iff for Stefan ( SteppeR ) maybe through e107.dk ?
and to help you a little > use a regex soft.. shareware..works quite well on windoos name: ABA Search and replace ..extract a pack on pc, add the location; use the LAN as searchterm...look at results... (nifty).. if you find it in English and not in SE you guess what to do . 
In a next step you might want to share the pack at : 
https://github.com/e107translations would be appreciated...


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I'm just gonna change a few misinterpreted translations and then I will share the swedish language pack.
As always with translation and definitly with data-terms it's an ever ongoing process to get the right expression that is both grammatically correct and understandable.
I use pspad. It works just the same with the search-function. It's freeware.
It's nice for comparing files as well.
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There are indeed a lot of products that can do it.. its a personal liking..No obligation..

Success, just one pointer :  Keep all defines + trans texts in the double quote system..ala :

why so.. common use and when using words that consist of wht's happening... no more need to use /' or /n' etc...  (easy writing)

Success, and hope to see the contribution.. yes

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But the first issue still persists. å ä ö does not show properly in the blogcalendar.
I'm just dealing with 2.1.5  full install and now also 2.1.6.
I checked my 1.04 install that i have and there it shows correctly. But thats because i translated the english.js to swedish.js. The awkward thing is that the date and time shows correctly in prefs and elsewhere. It's just the blogcalendar that has the issue.
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hmm don't actually use blogcal so bit out of my league. I can not tell if it also uses tinymce, that should also carry (like before) for swedish a swedish js.

If that is present and issue keeps popping up > make it an issue at https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues so more coders/devs can have a look at it...

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I've found the answer thanks to all the helpful members at Github.
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