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Based on advice over at termsfeed.com, I'd like to be able to display a checkbox on the signup page which would include a string of text along the lines of:

"I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy"

- and which would prevent the "Next" button from becoming active until this checkbox had been ticked.

The "Signup Page Options" -> "Text to display on signup page" field (site Preferences) gives scope for adding text or HTML to the page, but there's no way of co-ordinating with the state of the Next button and forcing acknowledgement of consent that way.

I had a look at the pre-e107 v2 plugin called "Agreement v0.1", but besides the fact that I can't get anything to display when this is installed (which is quite possibly my fault rather than a problem with the plugin), I think I'd have the same issue with it as the Signup Page Options (i.e., no control over the Next button) even if it was otherwise working.

The Plugin Basics documentation doesn't mention the signup.php page specifically, so I'm not sure that there are any hooks for modifying page behaviour (to prevent progress unless some condition is satisfied and render additional controls). But perhaps I'm missing it, or there's another way to achieve something similar through another of the "addons".

Any suggestions?

Thank you

e107 version 2.1.2 (git)
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What about replace coppa agreement with this?
Or adding user field and have it as required.
Or adding signup_template.php to your theme and adding input checkbox field with required parameter

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