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I have recently installed newest E-107 version 2,15 and "RideBlue theme by veskoto with e107 Bootstrap"

I want to redo my old website in the new place but I see that I don't know how to do it and have many problems. Simple I don't find how to everything edit and would like to read about e-107 construction

Maybe there are some tutorials for this theme or simple for E-107 v2. I can't something to find.
e107 version 2.15
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There are no real 'user' friendly tutorials for v2 . Ther are however more technical examples and small tut available at http://e107.org/developer-manual. If needed to help you along for specific things, you may also use PM system and describe your trouble, or the thing you seek to do.. Just because it is v2 it is still quite the same in use as v1, only the 'looks 'are changed (as it uses bootstrap/html5 ) and some position are altered...(some core changes relate to new php and sql calls).

BUT take a look here it is a tutorial also (maybe it is enough to get you started (its a playlist) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MkzQOILuk8&list=PLWy1FYhpCxSmpeBf4hrbz0M-6NL5Os4Bm

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My answer is blocked for a couple of days

I don't understand how a copy of tables appear in other language? I understand to create pages. Not all my
And for a while I have Lithuanian menu which was translated from English menu. How to do now English menu? Should I simple create them and link to my English pages? I am doing in such way.
I found id of english article and linked to new my created page History although it should be only for History submenu. Than I looked to Lithuanian version see page.php for branch and next I did submenu with links to my English page. It seems I have catched the process...

But I am a little confused with ID of pages. For instance I get ID 7 on Lithuanian pages and ID 7 in English pages?
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Better late than never (think the blockage is due to security for spamming) ??
Tables are created  in database The original prefix in database with original install language do carry ONLY basic prefix... aka example : e107_forum...
 Now when using languages (by setting applied) IFF forum should run in other language the table will be copied and prefix changed.. aka example e107_lithuanian_forum.

Now since ot are copies a 'same'entry exists in BOTH tables (up to a point in time... anything added AFTER that copy point will be present ONLY in the applied table...

Example : copy made on the 5th of march .. forum (org) and forum_lang have same entries.. Now i add a new thing IN forum_language in MAY of that year... Since after that copy date everything belongs to the table it belongs to. you would find THAT entry ONLy in forum_lang. and NOT in original...Similar ID's are (other than v1) now (afaik) standard where v1 did make different id's (counting up).. 

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I am not sure if I catched it
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There is a hidden question, but i do not believe that is why you answered. Please explain what you are not sure about ?
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