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I have just upgraded my E-107 to latest 2.15 from 1.04 but when I change php to 7, it gives error:

[6]: Unable to form a valid connection to mySQL. Please check that your e107_config.php contains the correct information.an

With config file is OK. What to do? Please help

e107 version 2.15
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[6]: Unable to form a valid connection to mySQL. Please check that your e107_config.php contains the correct information.an 


verify the .htaccess in joomla rootdir

and use a new db for e107

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PDO extension is installed in my server. Joomla works on MySql

It seems, I need to do new E-107 installation and copy paste all files to new subfolder.

What do you think "RideBlue theme by veskoto with e107 Bootstrap" will be ok for new website or you recommend some other>
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I don't fully understand. I meant that if you are testing if something works or not (or looking for error), it's good idea to use default bootstrap 3 theme, nothing more. If everything works, then you switch to other theme. if you have problem with RideBlue2  later, let me know. I updated it for version 2 but not fully tested with everything.
I can't choose another theme in my this old and updated E-107. Even I have  installed this theme and in my Theme manager don't find how to change Khatru theme to some another;

Thefore I think I need to start new installation, and already created new MySql and tried to install CMS in another folder, but for a while with error. I am looking somewhere to read what can't be that I have problem to connect to database in installation...

I am getting by installiation this:

SQLSTATE[HY000] [1130] Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server
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What means? Where is such line generic, class2.php

My dbase name and user + credentials are correct

I open file class2.php but don't know what to do?

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Nothing in that file. 

Please do check if it is localhost or an ip address.If the site is ...audrone... most likely links plugin and calendar cause issues..

yes it is localhost

I can't do even a new installation in new folder with new MySql neither with php 5,6 or php 7

SQLSTATE[HY000] [1130] Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server
I tried to do new installation with INSTALLATRION
No success

It seems the problem is on server, they can't install too, promised to verily

Just informative : now it is time to see what config php uses : it is EITHER localhost OR Why :

can happen on some servers : general 'special' case : When using localhost as the destination in a client connector interface of an application, the MySQL application programming interface connects to the database using a Unix domain socket, while a TCP connection via the loopback address requires the direct use of the explicit address.

In reflection of : can not change theme > yes you can (using myphpadmin) core tables (site  prefs and Siteprefs backup) >backup and edit > find LINE site theme > would be something like:  sitetheme' => 'khatru' or alike... EG. sitetheme' => 'bootstrap3'   change this name to one that is present in theme folder..saVE.


ps Error 1130 is a networking error


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I have changed theme to "RideBlue theme by veskoto with e107 Bootstrap"

Here is my config.php file:

 *  e107 Website Content Management System
 *  ©e107 Inc 2008-2012
 *  http://e107.org
 *  Released under the terms and conditions of the
 *  GNU General Public License (http://gnu.org).
 *  This file has been auto-generated during installation process
 *  e107_config.php

$mySQLserver         = 'localhost';
$mySQLuser           = 'audrone_xxxx';
$mySQLpassword       = 'xxxxxxxxx';
$mySQLdefaultdb      = 'audrone_xxxx';
$mySQLprefix         = 'e107_';
$mySQLcharset        = '';    # $mySQLcharset can only contain 'utf8' or ''

$ADMIN_DIRECTORY     = 'e107_admin/';
$FILES_DIRECTORY     = 'e107_files/';
$IMAGES_DIRECTORY    = 'e107_images/';
$THEMES_DIRECTORY    = 'e107_themes/';
$PLUGINS_DIRECTORY   = 'e107_plugins/';
$HANDLERS_DIRECTORY  = 'e107_handlers/';
$LANGUAGES_DIRECTORY = 'e107_languages/';
$HELP_DIRECTORY      = 'e107_docs/help/';
$DOWNLOADS_DIRECTORY = 'e107_files/downloads/';
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$mySQLcharset        = '';    # $mySQLcharset can only contain 'utf8' or '' 

was this line copied ? or typed over...?

it should be $mySQLcharset        = 'utf8';    # $mySQLcharset can only contain 'utf8' or ''

notice the difference?. Honest do not know (no real testground) if it does influence on your server...

To help you somewhat further : Use Firefox browser, install the e107 debug add on ( https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/e107-debugger/ ) sign IN in your website, and use the addon to search for any troubles arising.

Note : vam aud.. (hope this is the correct site)   runs on RB2 correct, but below it is already (or partial ???) v2.... So i am confused, because the config file is a v1 type. (v2 has more folders, an update a combo)  If the site has become a mix... than error solving becomes more difficult 

And last but not least: the :LT languagepack is not up to date, any errors in prev. v1 will certainly make things worse. Use english ONLY during tests and change afterwards..(helas can not find a v2 lang pack)


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My answer dissapeared 2trd time

1. I changed your codes, it was bet: Lithuanian characters wir hieroglyph...so I came back.

2. I am using Firefox, enabled e-107 debug but don't see when I signin what to debug

3. as for v1 or v2 - My site was created in 2008 and didn't touched since version 1,04. Now I upgraded to 2,15 (overwriting files in admin panel of server), what I have, I don'y know...

4. By changing a theme I lost all my order. So I need everything to redo. (vam107.audrone.serveriai.lt)

.If you thing this is add, delete the address.


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