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I have just upgraded my E-107 to latest 2.15 from 1.04 but when I change php to 7, it gives error:

[6]: Unable to form a valid connection to mySQL. Please check that your e107_config.php contains the correct information.an

With config file is OK. What to do? Please help

e107 version 2.15
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Check if you server has PDO extension installed. e107 running on php 7 needs it. I think that yoomla uses mysqli not PDO, so it works.

In your case I would try to install new e107 somewhere (in subdirectory), during installation it will check everything and it tells you if your server settings are correct). And use bootstrap theme during installation, please.
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Just note. Did your 1.0.4 installation work on php 7? I don't think so. So to do upgrade to new software (version 2 has back compability, but it means that what worked before will worked too, but as I said, try use 1.0.4 on php7 and you will see) and upgrade of server together is not good idea. Never. You will don't know what will hit you.
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V2 does run on php 7 ( cases done on 7.1 too). As you get this exact info it is to be taken literally.

Check your config file if nothing is overseen. Is your dbase name and user + credentials there still correct?
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thtje, thanks for quick response

As I wrote my config file is correct: dbase name and user + credentials are the same.
Upgraded website works with php 5.6, but when I switch to 7, it gives error. What I can do?

Maybe I didn't something in administrative site for upgraded website? Everything differs from old version...and I am no familiar with it
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If 5.6 runs and 7 not> normally influence of a script or plugin (older ones), theme MAY happen too.

Personally i think it is a plugin, not belonging to core. The easiest way to find the cause is to take a look in the server logs, as they give a clue where something goes wrong (although message might be cryptic).

Try if possible to use Bootstrap 3 for installment (theme can be switched afterwards).

I do advice to upgrading on a local base though (backups at hand), and you did not point out : are you working locally? or live?  If local> error can be on local server (inactive modules as php 7 needs more than standard). Is it live ? ...

Can you list your plugins in use?
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I work on server. Really I am not experienced with E-107. Did  it in 2008, mostly work with Joomla

My Joomla is installed in root and it works with php 7. E-107 installed in folder.

If I switch to php 7, I am loosing the website with E-107.

I think some problem is inside E-107 only I don't know, what to do, because some varous LANs is new for me :-)
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I do not know if everything is of sensitive nature, but if you would like to share (personal use) a backup (dbase+files as zip/rar) i could run some tests. If so please by PM (click name if you don't know how, send message will be available).
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