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I realise this error that I get is from my server end but request how I could enable a sync with GitHub, instead of downloading the ZIP and uploading without install.php.

I have checked ownership and the domain is owned by the owner.

I have two servers, one with CentOS and one with Debian. This is on a Debian fresh install. I don't have a problem syncing with GitHub on CentOS, only with a freshinstall of Debian.

Would appreciate where i could investigate.

e107 Version 2.1.6 (git)

Security level
[5] Balanced

Site Theme

Admin Theme
Bootstrap 3 v1.0 by e107 Inc (2013-12-25)

Install date
Tuesday 11 November 2008


PHP Version

Database: mydatabase
PDO: Disabled

e107 version Version 2.1.6 (git)
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2 Answers

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This is a very server/configuation specific issue. The best way to solve it is to contact Cameron throuh Gitter: https://gitter.im/e107inc/e107 or https://gitter.im/CaMer0n

This way he can manually help you debug to find out what the specific issue is in your case.
With these results, adjustments can be made to the core in some cases, to prevent the error from happening to other users as well.
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The problem from my end was that I didn't have git-core and php5-curl installed after which I was able to sync with Github :)

Thanks Moc and sorry to bother you again!
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