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I installed e107 cms under hiawatha.
It installed with no errors, I used no url toolkit, but it installed,
then each time I navigate to it I get an Internal server error 500 message,
so far if I have a second go at what ever page I require the page works.
I first got this error immediately after installing the e107 cms script, and am
thinking it must be  a re write issue, can anyone please advise if a url tookit is
available for e107 cms, or can someone write one.

Thanks & Regards, john

e107 version v2.1.5
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HTTP 500 errors usually provide more information in the error log. Please consult the error log. As for URL rewriting, e107 uses a .htaccess file.

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Ok, I am closing this qiestion as e107 works fine with Hiawatha Web Server.

It was easy to install in the end up, way easier for a novice or beginner than

installing under Apache or Nginx, as only one file needs a few entrires to get

the site up and running.

A php entry in the scripts section of hiawatha.conf

A UrlToolkit entry in the same file,

A host or virtual host entry in the same file,

which also callls the UrlToolkit and the php script.

End off.

Regards, john
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I have reopened this because we'd like to keep this platform as open as possible for discussion and further questions should anyone have any regarding a topic. We only close questions if they are moved to Github or if they are duplicated. However, I have marked your answer as the 'best answer' so the question is no longer 'open'.

Thanks for the feedback. I hope this helps others who also want to install e107 on a Hiawatha Web server.
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I will indeed take a look in the error log.

I understand e107 uses a .htaccess file, which of course does not work on hiawatha,

thats because hiawatha does a similar function using what is called a UrlToolkit such as in the following example for my e107 cms installation on windows,

## Toolkit entry from my hiawatha.conf,

UrlToolkit { ToolkitID = e107 Match ^/media\/img\/(a)?([\d]*)x(a)?([\d]*)\/(.*)?$ Rewrite /thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE/$5&$1w=$2&$3h=$4 Match ^/media\/avatar\/(a)?([\d]*)x(a)?([\d]*)\/(.*)?$ Rewrite /thumb.php?src=e_AVATAR/$5&$1w=$2&$3h=$4 Match ^/media\/img\/([-A-Za-z0-9+/]*={0,3})\.(jpg|gif|png)?$ Rewrite /thumb.php?id=$1 Match ^/theme\/img\/(a)?([\d]*)x(a)?([\d]*)\/(.*)?$ Rewrite /thumb.php?src=e_THEME/$5&$1w=$2&$3h=$4 Match ^/(e107_images|e107_files)/ Return RequestURI exists Return Match .* Rewrite /index.php }

End of toolkit entry, I did not test this toolkit yet, but it was written by the developer of hiawatha web server in response to my asking for one that would provide the same functionallity as the .htaccess currently supplied in the latest version of e107 cms. When I do try it out I will post back.

This toolkit is placed in the hiawatha.conf file, and can then be called on by placing

the following line in a particular sites host or or virtual host section, which ever is applicable,

here is the line required to call the toolkit titled  e107,  UseToolkit = e107

which corrosponds to the host entry below for e107 in my hiawatha.conf file,

the below host entry is for a sub domain that subdomain being mye107 which

is followed by a . which is followed by your actual FQDN, in my case am using

the ip address as am testing on a laptop.

VirtualHost {
    Hostname = mye107site., *.mye107site.
    #WebsiteRoot = /var/www/example.com/www/public
    WebsiteRoot = C:\Program Files\Hiawatha\e107
    StartFile = index.php
    AccessLogfile = /var/www/example.com/www/e107/logfiles/access.log
    ErrorLogfile = /var/www/example.com/www/e107/logfiles/error.log

   # I had so set the TimeForCgi to 30 as slower plugins were not executing

   # resulting in pages with no content being opened, check your associated

   # error log to find out if this is happening to other scripts. in the above example

  # it was, ErrorLogfile = /var/www/example.com/www/e107/logfiles/error.log

    TimeForCGI = 30

    UseFastCGI = PHP7
    UseToolkit = e107

##The above is a sample entry for a site located in a folder called e107,

##The hostname needs to be what ever you want to type in your browser,

## on windows you will also need to put the following entry in you hosts file

## which is located at, C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

# Here is the entry used in my e107 example,

##    mye107site.  

## leave at least one space between and the mye107site part

## and do not preceed the line with anything, no spaces either.

Will try this out later and post the results so other can use hiawatha with e107 cms.

Ok, tried this out and all seems well, I have other problems such as uploading files

via the uploads function, but don't think this is related.

Maybe the e107 team would include a hiawatha.conf file in the distriburihon so people can start using  e107 with hiawatha, it would not take much maintaining for someone who knows how to write the required redirects and protections as shown above.

 Regards, john
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Thanks for the info. After testing has been succesful, feel free to post all the relevant info up on Github as an issue, or even submit a pull-request. The developers will then take look :)
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Duplicated my post, sorry
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