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When i try to add "title" and "alt" attributes to the image, the text charset inside them shifts to 1251 (i think) when url is not full, when it starts with {e_BASE}. Should be russian. Not so terrible error but quite interesting. Can you help? Thanks in advance!

e107 version 2.1.4
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I would recommend posting this up on Github as it sounds like a bug or a candidate for an enhancement. Also, please try this on the latest version 2.1.5, as there may have been a fix for this issue already.

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I think that this is maybe related to tinymce.  At first - what is language of your site when you use Russian characters? (I can reproduce this with my own lang set).

If Russian, check if your tinymce folder has in lang folder script for Russian language. It should be part of translation.

I admit, it's weird if one button work and second one not, but this change is done before e107 saving anything. You open source code, change title or alt and if you reopened it (without saving to database), result is wrong.  This is reason why I think it's related to missing lang js file or bug in tinymce.
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