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When i used v1 i had ckeditor which could create folders as i wish, so i did it to categorize images by the months. Well, that is not the point.

The point is: These images after i updated to 2.1.4 becomes placeholders for some reason. As i understand, it's because media-manager isn't authorized to use these folders or something... So, is there a way to make them acceptable for using?

And by the way, is it able to make whole {e_IMAGE} folder visible for media manager? I have a lot of important stuff there. Will be grateful for your help :)
e107 version 2.1.4
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Where are your images? In news? Is there placeholder on frontend?  Media/Images related shortcodes works correctly with {e_IMAGE} folder. Check your console and see what your path to image is. And check what is saved in database. Maybe you are missing {e_IMAGE} in path in database.  I think you can set that your images will be in folders by month (at least all mine are by default).  

Media manager in admin area displayed only images that are in database tables for media. But they can have path outside media folder.
I would recommend you to contact Cameron on Gitter: https://gitter.im/e107inc/e107 or https://gitter.im/CaMer0n

This is the chatroom we use to communicate in real-time. He should be able to determine whether some fixes should be made to better support backwards compatibility in your situation.

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Probable cause is the folders do not belong to system when upgrading. (nature of 3rd party) I do believe ( personal opinion) it is best to keep the folders and images in place and alter the urls (pointers) for images AND thumbs to full url's (so no shortcode use). Best possible solution would be by means of altering the database files (backup) and create another copy with csv or alike and than search and replace...

I hope more will react.. (i advice to test it with only 2 or 3 images (and thumbs) if it will help, and if yes, you might save a lot of alternative work... ( upload/import all again and change each item to correct path) and from that point on ; not using the method, but v2 way


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