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After a sync with the latest GitHub using the RideBlue2 theme, my index.php page is blank. All other pages are visible though, it's only the index page.

No problems when I switch to other themes. Any advice appreciated :)
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This theme is only for 2.1.4. I will check it asap with latest github. What is set as your frontpage? Welcome message or news? And what menus do you use via media manager? I updated maybe 3 weaks ago without problem. I am author by the way.
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My frontpage is 'news'.

The menus that I use via menu manager are:

Area 1 - blog calendar, news_categories
Area 3 - googleadsense
Area 2 - search, rss,admin
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I am sorry, I wrote you solution before but it's not posted because something disturb me and I forgot press Add answer button. It's happens when you do more things at once.

Ok, just update to latest github, reason was in e107 itself, it's now fixed (some legacy issue).

If you don't use copy already, I would recommended you to do it. Just copy all folder, rename it and change theme name in theme.xml file.  When I find time, I will do update for 2.1.5 with new things and it could be change your site (expecially sitelinks in footer and sidebars - I really dislike how it's done now)

Thanks for list, I will test it with these menus too.  Don't you want to share your site url?
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Thanks for that :) Updating to the latest GitHub solved that.

I didn't understand what you meant by copy. Copy and rename which folders? Change the names to ...?

My site URL is https://www.promotiondata.com


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Let it be. I am working on new themes, so I decided not to make so important changes. Too busy. I will change just some styling, I saw some styling issue on your site.  You can see it on http://rideblue.e107.sk -  look at blogcalender and news category menus. Can it be?
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