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Hello, (sorry for my english I'm french)

It is possible to have a wysiwyg editor like this one ( font style, font size ) in e107 v2 ?

If yes How ? :)

Thx for answers
e107 version V 2.1.4
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Im not sure if it was a plugin this was on my site a few days ago seems to have gone now if i find it will let you know, it had size but not font.

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Helas... in full wysiwyg mode SIZE can be achieved by using header function;

in NON wysiwig mode (so called bb editor) you are able to use sizing from within.

In both cases the wysiwyg editor is not equipped with font change.

However if you would like to see such thing implemented you can post a enhancement request at https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues

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Oh :( bad news for me ...

Thank you for your answer
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Like this ?

Its all there : admin/preferences/text rendering wys.. ENabled

(this is just a screen for some items) Base = tinymce

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Like this, if it's possible


Go to: tinymce4/templates/ and edit mainadmin.xml

<toolbar1>undo redo | removeformat | styleselect | fontsizeselect fontselect | bold italic underline forecolor | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | link image  template | media | e107-image e107-video e107-glyph smileys | preview | fullscreen | code</toolbar1>

Tested; working ( on v 2.2.2 git version )yes

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