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Hi All,
I have been having issues with how the media manager handles new vs legacy image (e.g. those located in e107_images/newspost_images).
Are they to be left in the legacy location or should they be moved to e107_media/a1b2c3d4/images?
We need to give folk the right guidance but I cannot even work it out myself...

e107 version 1.0.4 upgraded to 2.1.git
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2 Answers

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Will be an own opinion from myself.

As it is an upgrade, and the system also uses some of the old folder/file directories too, they MAY be kept in place.

It all comes down eventually if one is committed to update the things present and slowly move towards a independent v2 system (so gradually). When updating/upgrading the older system the links to wiil also still point to the old paths.. so if you change one, you will have to change the companionship too.

This will be the case for downloads etc.. also, the original files are stored in e107_files/downloads.. and in v2 there is no such folder, but new ones will go into media/..../
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Tgtje is correct. To add: all the 'neccesary' moving of files is done automatically during the update. The files that are left where they are may best be located there instead of moving them to the new folders. You might want to check with Cameron through Gitter but I am pretty sure this is the correct answer. https://gitter.im/e107inc/e107
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I just checked with Cameron (main developer of e107) and here's the answer.

The images should be left where they are. All neccesary moving operations are made during the update process.

Recently a bug was fixed, which prevented the legacy news images to render incorrectly. This is now fixed in Github, and may solve your issues. To easily update from Github, enable the developer mode (in advanced preferences) and go to the Tools > Database section in the admin area. There you can find an option to Sync with Github.

Let me know how this works out.
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