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I have three sites with e107 that I sync with github and haven't had a problem in the past.

Today I synced two sites without a problem but the third site on the same server I was unable to connect.

After syncing with github it showed all green and displayed success but I couldn't see any menu links to use. When i tried to access the admin login page as well as the index page I couldn't.

I restored the site from a backup and tried syncing with github again but couldn't do so with the same problem. The previous sync with github went through without a hitch.
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The error was on my part with disk-quota and nothing to do with e107. A big thank you to Cameron for hlping me sort this out :)
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More information needed... 

"I couldn't see any menu links to use". 

Do you mean that the entire top menu bar in the admin area disappeared? Please provide a screenshot to clarify. 

When i tried to access the admin login page as well as the index page I couldn't.

What exactly happened? Do you get an error message? A blank page? More information please.. 


Also, seeing that the other two sites are updated properly, the third site is probably different. Maybe it it useful to examine the differences, such as different themes, plugins, and so on. 



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The screenshot after updating from github

The admin.php page accessed from a bookmark showing a 500 error

The index page

The index page is blank.

Yes, the third site is very different in terms of content. There are around 2,500 articles without any extra plugins like forum, gallery, etc. I will have to look into the differences further. 

As mentioned earlier, this site has been synced with github before the current two updates to master.

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Ok, some days have passed, and when visiting : all functions (external) nice.. Solved ?
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No. I have tried after each master update at github but have got the same result and have had to restore from a backup.
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Allthough most times the syncing works as intended, do you use ftp programs like Filezilla ?

Why i ask : since the git files are first loaded and unzipped in temp folder, it could well be that the server in this could 'hick up'. In such maybe a file is corrupted (not seen).

Where this is hard to find the (if true) corrupted or unchanged file, the use of FZ could help you.

You need to have a copy of the Gitfiles on your pc (whole tree without install file ) and start FZ.Open up your sites server (files) on 1 pane and your pc folder on second. Now go to tab View and select Directory comparison. Now run some test using the given options. You might get visual differences which can identify some found issues. (or not of course). I personaly do believe the server (or a setting) is interfering. Having multiple sites on a webserver does not imply that the base is identical (serverparks often do use different machines together).
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