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Don't know if this came up or not but been trying to figure out the "User Ranks" Is this for adding all groups starting from members up to mods?

Or is this a auto promotion Ranking system? I have re-done a few classes since i am building a torrent site and change all from standard to groups such as.


Members, Uploaders, Verifies Uploader, Elite Uploader, Mod, Super Mod, Forum Mod, Admin, Main Admin

Since these are now all groups for ranking system do i add each one from lowest to highest within the block, then asign to each member as they become one or the other?

e107 version Version 2.1.2
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Yes kind of auto promotion

Do divide into seperate things :  classes form a hierarchy , the admin creates users to belong to a certain class.

The ranking provides self chosen names for users (not bound to userclass) who 'earn' ranking by amount of activities like post etc... Similar way the batches here at this site..
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So Lower Threshold is for what, how many post? How does one assign the rank?

@LaocheXe You already have the answer.. yes the threshold is a 'counter' that is .. it stores the amount ( or queries it ,, not to sure about that)  a) you can assign own numbers...b) gamers often use ranking images.. so ... thats images..


small example : suppose you named the first rank (level) to Junior Poster.. with a threshold of 15

Now when A user posts 17 things (example forum) AND (theres the answer) Display Ranks
in forum preferences IS enabled; counts are made > result 17  ( =more than 15) so ASSIGN (auto) rank of Junior Poster to the ( a ) user. The second threshold indicates thus another rank....

This is just a piece ( keep an eye out against the user classes as that is still something else).


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Thanks for the info tgtje smiley

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