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Hi, I would like to know other's opinion. e107 needs more themes. But create theme for full system can be time consuming, mainly if you want to give theme as free. There are some more difficult core plugins that are harder templating (forum, download) and some other plugins you can download from e107, but they are not core.

I hope you understand what I mean -  I ported theme, it has featurebox, gallery, news, they are basic elements. Theme is prepared for using. But then somebody install forum plugin (which I didn't used before) and it looks ugly. If bootstrap doesn't do its work, then what?  No discuss for paid themes, this is about free themes.

Or is it enough if free theme works with demo content like bootstrap3 default theme?  I would like to have demo content for all plugin that are required. But mainly I would like to agreement (consensus) with others about this.   And yes, I am aware  that e107 templates should be bootstrap based so if I do correct boostrap css, then templates should be work out of box, but with porting html themes this can be difficult.

If there would be some rules what is basic and what is advanced theme, then this could be line between free and paid version of the same theme.
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Good post, I had an e107 version 1.0.4 theme that I converted which used tables and such for images and not the div's. I had the issue of the forums, etc. In the end, had to add bootstrap elements to the theme and right now it looks alright. I had to add e_shortcode.php (from bootstrap 3) and the bootstrap css files. I also had to add a few templates to the theme. With out the files and lines of code added, the theme had issues with downloads/forums and the buttons to port reply, create topic, etc.... didn't show. I guess working with the templates and added the ones you want for your theme you could make a theme look awesome, but then again you might need all the front end templates and the templates of the core plugins which like Jimako said is time consuming.



I am working on Defiantzstrap 3 which is the bootstrap 3 theme from e107 with added functions that Jimako has help me with. Right now I am working on different theme colored style sheets and currently have the normal style sheet and a dark style sheet. I need to re-check that dark.css and see if the forums, rss, featurebox, downloads, and some other core plugins go with the color schema.

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Just ideas : when is it finished > never.

Each user has his own wishes...that makes it difficult.

If i would sum up , i would likely have a bs3 base first; add another template for left column (opposite of sidebar right). ( or 3 column > left middle right)

Then al 'normal' layouts would be provided. Maybe add some colour css's to change the 'look overall'. and stop there.

All plugins 'should' be using bootstrap and thus just flow in the theme. Individual likings should be a user 'adjusted piece' not for the themer in question.

If i do not like the outcome; well have to change it then. Bootstrap (base) provides it..Enough examples what to do, and experimenting learns..

That would be all eventually for a kind of free theme. > a base..

Going premium is more css styling for boxes, caption, fonts etc.. and added components that are bs and jq based, but not part of the system (e107) itself  (of course compat..)... (sliding menus, collapse etc. etc..)

That is my summary of ideas, hope it helps, and helps also to 'narrow' down the work put in such themes. You can put a lot in, and than some things are too much..but your time consumation is large. That should (effort) be the premium part..

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Thank you. At first I wrote you long answer, but then I decided to go and see.
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