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Working on the Bootstrap 3 theme (custom style.css) and trying to get the footer area covered with what I have, sadly it goes to a point and then stops and shows the site's background image.



Notice the difference? I have a rgba(0, 0, 0, .3) set in the footer - added footer{} to the custom-style.css, but I want the rgba to go all the way to the bottom - idk if I am making the question confusing or not, right now my brain is confused.

e107 version e107 version 2.1.1
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Well have no code to look, but guess this will make it clear : http://ryanfait.com/resources/footer-stick-to-bottom-of-page/

Just look for html5 or the normal way..
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I did what it said, and the dark area does get bigger, but the bottom green is still there.


Also tgtje - the theme os bootstrap 3, just add footer { /* whatever you like*/ } to the style.css


footer {

     background-color: grey;

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Just adding this does not make a difference for me, just by adding a dot in front of footer (in style) does change things too. Maybe the footer needs restyling as seperate container?

So there is more info needed.

How is the bg image set, etc.. how does the site react disabling (guessing here : navabar bottom ?? disclaimer ??) are viewports affected etc....  You are using bg, so some changes are made ....
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Gist of the style.css -


You have footer as html5 tag in your css, what is your html markup, it can be <footer>, class=footer, id=footer. Something with that name can be influence by bootstrap, browser itself.  CSS is not enough to see problem. Living demo would be better.
Just wondering :you have a background colour 366 and are using a bg image ....

if the bg covers why not add transparent to end of line 16
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