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Hello dear e107 users.

In the admin -> manage -> Menu Manager, I can see three main areas. Apart the Menu Manager area which contains Menu Layout, Login and Newsmonths, I note (i) my slideshow below which (ii) on the left part various menus likely to be activated and (iii) on the right part a series of buttons "activate in area ?" where ?=1,2,3,4.

Let say that a menu (for exemple Gallery) was improperly activated in area 1 and should be deleted. How do you proceed?

In preceeding e107 versions (< or =1), this procedure was simple since there was for each menu a drop menu with different functions (deactivate, move on top, move down, move to area 2, etc). I don't find such a mechanism in v-2.0.

May I ask you some help?
e107 version v-2.0
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There was something strange.

On my Android-4.4.2 smartphone + Chrome, I could see the drop menu you mention. On my PC (Kubuntu 14.04 + Firefox-44.0.2), it was not the case.

Via the Plugins Manager I deleted aaquery and by mean of gftp I suppressed the related directory. "Empty all cache" in Cache management => the drop menu now is listed at the bottom of the Menu Manager.

Many thanks LaocheXe.

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Go to Admin Area -> Menu Manager - Up top has a drop down option - click on that and select any layout and look to see if the menu's you are looking for are assgined to the menu - once you find them click on the red X.
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