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Hi all

Recently i've upgraded from 1.0.4 to 2.0 on my test server, before going live, but i've got an issue with Bootstrap 3 v1.0 theme in admin area.

When using it, after clicking and moving the mouse out of the single drop down menus on top, the menu i just clicked simply disspears!!!

Does anyone has these issues and has solved them? how?
I'm using Firefox 43.0.4, if this helps....
e107 version 2.0
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2 Answers

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I would have to say no, I haven't run into that issue - did you download the e107 v 2.xx off e107.org or did you get it from GitHub?

If you got it from the e107 website then go to github and download the files from there, that might fix your issue.

On another note, what internet browser are you using to view your site in? It could be a css/html/javascript issue with the browser.
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I've donne some tests, and the error seems is in something between jquery and the theme scripts...

Cadeia de caracteres vazia enviada para getElementById(). jquery.min.js:2:24214

In english:

empty string sent to document.getElementById ( ) .

jquery.min.js : 2: 24214


So, if anyone knows how to solve this......

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Probably a conflicting plugin (e.g. aa_query), can you give us a list of installed plugins?

@Moc: By trying some plugins install on a fresh v2 install, i found out the error.

It's this plugin (JavaScript Helpers v0.3): http://e107.org/plugins/?id=341

Somehow, it messes with the javascript on the Bootstrap 3 admin menu area....



If i'm allowed, just a slight off-topic:

Why on earth there's two versions (0.8 & 1.1) of the same plugin on e107org?


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