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Would it be possible to integrate Google Calendar with the Calendar/Event menu?
So when a user subscribe to calendar categories it appears directly in their Google Calendar?
Just an idea I had :)
e107 version V2
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Here is a post about Google Calendar


GitHub: https://github.com/septor/dateplus/issues/3

Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/114157136655453277681/posts/3j5WekTYUgT


Seems someone is working on it, it's also a good idea as well.

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Yes, it was actually I that posted the "issue" for Septor :)
And yes, I think it is a good idea :)
That is why I hoped it could be included in the core.
They might add it down the line, but for now it looks best as a plugin in my opinion.
This is outside the scope of the core and is plugin territory.
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I'm not good at building  plugins, but I have a google calendar integration using an iframe like:


It's based upon code of others and adapted. If any interest I don't mind to share.
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