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Is it possable to disable the Admin can't use forget password function on the old e107? Right now if an admin account is used as a forgotten password it gets denied.
e107 version e107 version 1.0.4
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You'll have to edit the core files for this. For e107 1.0.4, open up /fpw.php and comment out or delete line 154 up to and including 159. Editing core files is not recommended but then again, this is the only way to enable the FPW functionality for admins. 

        if ($row['user_admin'] == 1 && $row['user_perms'] == "0")
        {    // Main admin expected to be competent enough to never forget password! (And its a security check - so warn them)
            sendemail($pref['siteadminemail'], LAN_06, LAN_07."".$e107->getip()." ".LAN_08);
            echo "<script type='text/javascript'>document.location.href='index.php'</script>\n";

Be sure to document your changes, so you are able to identify them when upgrading to a newer version.  

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