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I have downloaded the e107_v1.x_to_2.0_upgrade.zip and the read me says to run the install.php

There is no install.php and prevoise upgrades I have just copied the new version ontop of my old version.

What is the procedure to upgrade?

e107 version 1.0.4
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Dismiss the readme, you have done the correct thing already: 

basic steps would be:  backup first always best incl. dbase,

BEWARE : alpha state !

overwrite the existing files on server,

(.#dbase if possible before applying the update if not done yet)

change for v1 to v2 afterwards the e107_ht acces file to dot-htaccess ( .ht.....)

go into admin/tools/database if entering admin not already mentions : update, run chmod etc..)

possibility you will need to update plugins first to run through the upd.process

BEWARE : (at this point in time) alpha state ! errors could be present (v2 forum has some issues which are being addressed )

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As mentioned by others, calendar and forum (seems to be most prominent on site) will have things to look into but overall at first glance not to difficult.
This is based on what i see, not what happens inside.
If  wysiwig (tiny) was used when creating pages etc.. this could throw off the actual content settings.
Calendar less prominent it seems, so suppose you loose function on it? would that be ok?
Forum is present, so that is the one ( pages and members of course too ) are the ones to focus on.

Of course theme...is something different. There's a 3 column piece (colors of course and bg) RideBlue from
our Jimako that poses the overall appearance, else i would suggest plain bootstrap 3. (just some ideas).

Question becomes.. iff your not in a hurry i could look at it, and iff you want to do it yourself i can give pointers.
Personally (if i think a noticed correctly what happens on site), the best outcome would give a fresh install, and manually populate the tables out of the old ones..(carefully).
Depending of how the pages were created, it could mean a lot of work correcting placements of text and images..(helas iff so, but it is present). You always may contact me via PM (click user).

@Jimako : yes php 7 and onwards would be the case i guess, but once (think upgrade vs fresh) done on php 5.3 and than switch to 7 (maybe correct new issues iff happens) one is good to go from there up to php 8 etc.. (each php version in 7 has some quircks itself) as base is set ..
@jimako @tgtje

I am in no hurry; I am pretty sure it's been at least a decade since we last had an upgrade. I figure we'll need to update php; ewe're currently running on 5.2.17. Calendar has been very sparsely used, so I am not worried so much about it. Forum is the biggest thing I need to keep intact, as it houses our character sheets, discussions, so on. There's also the XP system, which runs off one of the databases. I know I am in a bit over my head and not at all too proud to ask for help; I do tend to try to do things myself if it's something I can learn, but I know this is a bit beyond my skill level. I don't mind tinkering with graphics and such either if need be; I don't know how much leeway I get with that with themes. That's all stuff that was set up before I came in. Near as I can tell, that'd be around 2005 or 2006.


If you've the time and inclination to help, I know I and my players would be most grateful. Fortunately, our chat system runs seperately (something I am also looking to update but haven't found one to our liking yet), so at least I don't have to worry about it in doing this.
@Windthin I think I can make some time this weekend. I'd need to see the files and database to understand the complexity of your website but seeing that the forum is the crucial thing I think it shouldn't give too much issues. My concern is outdated themes or plugins. Anyway, please find me on Gitter: http://gitter.im/Moc to have a chat. You can also reach my by email on moc [at] e107.org
If you've the time, the offer is appreciated and I will contact you there. There's no rush, we've been running this way a while. I expect I will want to do backups right before anything is done. I admit I am worried about over-writing vital info more than anything else or breaking the site in a way I can't fix it.
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