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Back to my Voice plugin - After testing the code it seems to work but found something I didn't test and over looked - now I need to get it to work before I post a new release (updated release)

in the e_shortcode.php I have it check to see if data enable short code is enable, then is manual short code is not enable then display blahA.... elseif manual short code is enable then blahB...

blahA works perfect as of right now, issue is with blahB - blahB in the database is set to textarea - this is to have it's own code such as html etc etc.... For my test I went and added a custom link <a href= " vent://user@ventrilo.test.com?port=12845>Test Vent< / a >   with out the spaces.

The end result is to so this link in the Voice Drop down menu, however it isn't. In the database it has:

< a href= & quot ; etc... again with out the spaces - so in the code I went in and did this to decode it:

$msc_decode = html_entity_decode($msc);
$voice_exe .= $msc_decode;


Now $voice_exe is being used as for all the code "blahA" or "blahB" - then under it is $text .=' Some more html code ".$voice_exe." '; - either way it works as is but blahB does not work, I have Enable SC and MSC enabled.


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e107 version e107 version 2.0.x
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Try this:



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so I tried $voice_exe .= e107::getParser()->toHTML($msc); but nothing shows

For Debug I added a DO U C ME in the area as well - I can see it,

I even tried this:

$msc_decode = e107::getParser()->toHTML($msc);
 $voice_exe .= ''.$msc_decode.'';


But after looking at the code I found the issue, the first one works:

$voice_exe .= e107::getParser()->toHTML($msc);

Reason why it didn't show up was in the if statement, first if had msc pointed to the database table, the else statement did not so $msc = null - got it fix
Glad you were able to sort it out.
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