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I rmember a few months ago while doing a fresh install of the e107 v2.xx code - I came accross a setting to change how the images are loaded up on the site (load them, don't load them/show names, and/or show nothing) I can no longer find this setting, does any one know where it is?
e107 version e107 version 2.0.x
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What here? -> Media Manager - Preferences - General

There is choice - Disabled image method (Show nothing or Show image URL)
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No. not in general; asked was(as i understand ...title/caption etc.) that can be found as described above; not the method how to display something (nothing or url .. ) if image isn't to be found.
I'm not aware such a function outside these. (I mean by - replace image title/caption)
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If you do a manual upload of an image/file (mediamanager > upload)

directly AFTER the upload is done, you get edit mode for the file.. (aka system info) ..

there these things can be applied
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