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There is a php script I want to intergrate into e107 as a plugin - the script connects to a database (That a game manages/uses) and allows easy use for an admin - I want to use e107 users/admin instead of adding tables to login with that database.

Also since the website MySQL is hosted off the Game's MySQL database - I don't know how to approch this.
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So far I created a plugin with a few database entries - they store other information for a different database.

This works so far. Next comes getting the config.php of that code I am working with intergrated into e107

Right now I am stuck - I edit the config.php with e107, it looks good on my end, but the db.php shows error could not connect to database - db.php is not trying to connect to e107 database but another one off server. Now I can use the default config file which I have to add the information manually - and it connects just fine. Any ideas?


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As mentioned : no experience, but in place (see code wiki) string newlink should carry identical to example mydb.. Yes in config php.
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