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So in the Bootstrap 3 theme there is a section for a Portfolio...


"Display Some Work on the Home Page Portfolio"


How do we get the images there? How do you manage it, where at in the admin area?
e107 version e107 version 2.0.x
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no solution. maybe related to this> theme line : //TODO Add {GALLERY_PORTFOLIO} to portfolio_menu.php but there is no portfolio menu php .....?

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1. Administration area - Content - Gallery

2. Go to the tab "Slideshow menu"

3. Select a gallery in dropdown menu - Slideshow category

If it does not work then try to create a new category!

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Would have never guessed or found it for now, it works as OxigenO2 describes (using new cat).

Thanks for sharing
How does one make a new Gallery/Category? Is it in the Media Manager?
Yes by mediamanager ( used gallery as owner)
wonderful help
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